In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand
there is the story of the earth.   (Rachel Carson)

AKAMU 與材料研究人員和製造商團隊合作,逐步構建與在地企業相關的封閉材料流,期待能將循環礦物應用在當代設計領域成為載體或媒材。我們使用工業、農漁業的廢棄物來取代部份陶瓷材料,化學反應產生了豐富的礦物質地和顏色,實踐在這地的設計與家飾之中。

AKAMU, as a design studio, actively collaborates with material researchers and manufacturers’ teams, gradually building a closed-loop material flow related to local enterprises, playing its role in the contemporary design field.

AKAMU attempted to replace some ceramic materials with urban mining, the chemical reaction produced a rich mineral texture and color, potentially applied to various designs.