Art & Floral Time 1.0

Objects take time, and flowers emphasize posture, so “art and floral time” was born.

01 / Craft Hours

To lower the threshold for the crafting experience, Pei-Ann re-examined and simplified the entire process of craft creation. For material selection, she also boldly chose to use a new type of cement called “Lotos.”

The process of making molds is cumbersome and slow. It could be less intuitive and even requires some sense of space and imagination.
It is made and designed by hand, excluding the meticulous composition process, cutting, pasting, grouting, and digging.

But we will enter an extraordinary hours when we focus on learning craftsmanship and arranging flowers and plants.



Sponsor: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center

Coordinator: AKAMU studio
Partner: Garden of Hope Foundation (Tainan branch)