Art & Floral Time 1.0

Objects need to wait, and flowers emphasize posture, so “art and floral time” was born.

02 / Floral Time

We hope to bring students a way to feel many small and beautiful things in their daily life, find the courage, and move forward to the next step.

Therefore, the florist Sybil-Ho specially selects flowers with the meaning “cheerful, warm, companionship and encouragement, full of hope.” In introducing flower materials and methods, let the students know there is no comparison between good and bad flowers, but how to make the flowers bloom best through arrangement, pruning, layered arrangement, and present attitude.

“This event is quite special to me. While introducing the flower materials and methods to everyone, I appreciate everyone’s concentration in completing the bouquets in their vases. Seeing that what I like can bring healing and help to others, I am naturally blessed along with them!” said by Sybil-Ho.



Sponsor: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center

Coordinator: AKAMU studio
Partner: Garden of Hope Foundation (Tainan branch), Sybil-Ho