Art & Floral Time 1.0

Objects need to wait, and flowers emphasize posture, so “art and floral time” was born.

03 / Heart Blooming

In the craftsmanship process, one experiences life and inevitably encounters difficult points. We want to be the net that catches you up and faces life’s challenges together.

Through the series of experiences, many emotions resonate with the life experiences of women. Just like creating an object requires waiting, accompanying women is the same. Often, we must be patient and wait until the women are ready. And when we face difficulties and setbacks in life’s turning points, many places need to be opened up, repaired, and organized.

“Not judging the quality of each kind of flower, but focusing on how to make it present its best posture makes us feel a lot.”

“GOH Foundation has always hoped to be the net that catches abused women and witnesses the growth of their children. If women are willing to give us the opportunity, we would like to participate together in rebuilding.”

“In this life experience, I am also fortunate to be a person who knows how to accompany and be accompanied.”


Hand Craft, Heart Blooming

The craft industry hopes to collaborate with the social welfare sector to create more cross-disciplinary possibilities.

Craftsmanship is a journey of exploration through the hands and the heart, enhancing the beauty of the soul that is not lost due to changes in the external environment. This project hopes to gather many tiny beauties together through the participation of various parties and achieve the power to make society better.


Sponsor: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center

Coordinator: AKAMU studio
Venue: Lotos
Partner: Garden of Hope Foundation (Tainan branch), Sybil-Ho, Hui-Chi Chen